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Building Community One Relationship at a Time

There are numerous ways you can participate in One Community’s efforts towards embracing diversity and inclusivity. Consider any or all of the 4 broad initiatives, based on your specific interests.

  • Building Relationships includes better understanding our neighbors, their experiences, and the journeys that enabled our paths to cross, in order to create and renew bonds of friendship.

  • Building Communities underscores diversity, inclusive values, supporting and standing with all our neighbors for a vibrant community.

  • Expanding Knowledge dives into deeper consideration of our history, and grasping the experiences of diverse communities.

  • Engaging Local Government includes advocating for inclusive value statements, resolutions, policies, plans, and actions.

How do I get involved? 

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Join our efforts

We’re so happy to hear you’re interested in becoming an active participant in our community! Please fill in the information below and we will be in contact with you! This form will also add you to our newsletter, so you'll be notified of initiatives coming up.
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We envision a society free of prejudice, bias, discrimination, and inequitable treatment. Donations to One Community will help fund programs towards our vision, including more formalized story-telling and arts initiatives. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Participating Organizatins

Participating Organizations

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Glenbard Voices of Equity 

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