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Engaging Local Government

Advocating for inclusive value statements, resolutions, policies, plans, and actions

Calling for Statements Against Racism

Speaking up

Championing Welcoming Community Resolution

Words matter – adoption of the resolution and calling for its inclusion in Comprehensive Plan

Commending Stand Against Intolerance

Joining forces

0009 078 Commending Statement Against In
Advocating for Community Relations Commission

Striving for ever more inclusive community

2021-10-06 Glen Ellyn Launches Community Relations Commission graphic - for Our Work page
Collaborating with Elected Officials

Stronger together

Glen Ellyn Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project (with Glen Ellyn Public Library)

Devising DEI strategy that is integrative, holistic, sustainable, and enduring

Learn about what we do, how to get engaged and make an impact in this video of our presentation at the Glen Ellyn DEI Project. The One Community portion is from 01:06:20 - 01:35:15.

0015 Glen Ellyn DEI Project without date
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