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About Us

One Community is an initiative to embrace our community’s diversity, and raise awareness, acceptance, and involvement of neighbors of all backgrounds

Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

A Society Free of Prejudice, Bias, Discrimination, and Inequitable Treatment

Our Mission

Build Community One Relationship At A Time


Our Story

One Community was formed in response to intolerant and xenophobic rhetoric heard around the country, including in our own neighborhoods. We observed escalating bias against segments of our community, including people of color, immigrants and refugees, individuals who practiced other faiths, and more. Welcoming signs were being destroyed, threatening notes were left at schools, unkind and unsettling words were being directed at minority populations.


We felt the need to not only speak up against such prejudice, but to take an active role in connecting people that builds understanding across neighbors of diverse backgrounds, to publicly show up for inclusive values, to create learning opportunities that help all of us better appreciate the experiences of others, and to advocate for policies that make our community warm and equitable for all. 

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Our Team


Sania C. Irwin, PhD


Monica Flores

Vice President

Sonja Faulkner


Hal Hothan


Joyce Hothan


Erica Nelson


Nancy Payne


Erik Peterson


Kim Hesterman Reed


Gilda Ross


Pastor Dr. James E. Shannon


The Rev. George D. Smith